Ronda Rousey Broke Her Right Hand at UFC 175

All of the talk today is about UFC 176, the event that will never happen. Only once before did this happen and that time everyone blamed Jon Jones for the event being cancelled, now, well, who knows? Ronda Rousey was in contention to fill in for the event, Lorenzo Fertitta revealed, but apparently that was not to be since Ronda Rousey apparently broke her right hand against Alexis Davis at UFC 175.

Lorenzo and the team had discussed, internally, having Ronda Rousey headline UFC 176, but never got as far as to bring it to her team and discuss the possibility of it, which is why the post-fight interview incident was so embarrassing for them. It was definitely something that they were considering, but never got much further than the consideration phase. Lorenzo emphasized that Ronda breaking her right hand meant that there was no way that she would be able to do it, so there you have it. Ronda Rousey broke her right hand slugging at Alexis Davis’s skull. [source]