Ronda Rousey Believes That Nick Diaz Will Return

All things considered, in a UFC without Georges St-Pierre it feels more and more like the UFC might need Nick Diaz to sell some PPVs at some point this year. Well, it’s a good thing that he’s good friends with UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey, because Rousey can keep everyone in the Nick Diaz loop while he’s just hanging out, doing triathlons and promoting his own events in Stockton. So it’s a good thing we are seeing so much of Ronda Rousey.

As we all know, Nick Diaz went into quasi-retirement after the loss to Georges St-Pierre and there has always been talk about him coming back, but it’s never been clear if he will or when he will. According to Rousey, we can expect Nick to get back into the ring, he’s just resting up as being a fighter is stressful. [source]

“Yeah, I think he will,” she said, as transcribed by MMAFighting.

“Nick’s been fighting for a really really long time. I’ve only been fighting for three years, I mean, he’s been fighting I think for over a decade now. This sport puts a lot of miles on you very quickly. If he feels like he needs a rest and to take a break, you can’t fight for anyone other than yourself. You can’t fight sooner than you feel like you should. It really is a life and death situation out there and you have to do it when you feel it’s right.”