Rolles and Daniel Gracie [Somewhat] Victorious Over Sakuraba in Japan

It’s no secret that the prestigious Gracie clan has fallen upon tough times in the world of Mixed Martial Arts as they are no longer an elite name. This current generation of Gracies has yet to really find a niche in the world of MMA, leaving us with distant memories of Rickson and Royce. That’s okay, though, as Rolles and Daniel Gracie have found a new outlet for their name and skillset; professional wrestling.

The Gracies made their second appearance for New Japan Pro Wrestling last night in yet another tag team match against former-Fedor Emelianenko opponent Yuji Nagata and MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba. The legendary feud between the Gracies and Saku will continue as Rolles Gracie was able to choke Kazushi Sakuraba out after a rather uninspired professional wrestling bout.