Robbie Lawler was training right after his title fight, welcomes Ellenberger

Robbie Lawler is a fighter. Yes, that’s an obvious statement, but it’s true as true can be. The dude gets out of a 5-round war with Johny Hendricks and the next day he’s working out. Takes a week off, then gets back into the gym for the next title run. This is why Robbie is Robbie, and we love him for it.

The next time we see Ruthless it will be against Jake Ellenberger, a fight he welcomes with open arms.

MMAJunkie spoke to Lawler about getting back to it:

“I’m not dwelling on the loss at all, it comes down to getting better, working on my skills and pushing myself to get better. That’s about it.

“The opportunity arose where I could get a fight. I’m making the most of it. I’m back in the gym and working out, getting my body ready.”

“I worked out that Monday after the fight, just to get some blood flowing in my muscles (and) work out any sore muscles, and then I rested for the next week,” Lawler said. “After a week I started lifting, pushing myself harder than I normally do a week out from a fight. Now I’m just right back in it and pushing myself to get better.”

“He’s a quality opponent,” Lawler said. “He’s one of the top fighters in the UFC right now at 170. He brings power, he brings wrestling, he brings a lot of skills to the table and I need to be sharp to beat a guy like him.”