Rich Franklin Wasn’t a Believer of Chris Weidman at First


For the longest time I felt guilty because I just didn’t see the big deal about Chris Weidman while fans were going nuts about him. Chris Weidman has impressed me, sure, but initially, there was no way in hell that I ever saw him as a guy who would be sitting atop of UFC’s Middleweight division, yet, here we are. The good thing is that I’m not alone in this, not alone at all. Former UFC Middleweight Champion Rich Franklin talked about Chris Weidman and it seems that he wasn’t big on Weidman, either.

See, I’m not crazy. [source]

“I tell you what, I wasn’t a big Weidman believer at first, but looking at the second Anderson Silva fight, he looked great and had a solid gameplan. Lyoto & Anderson have this great ability to elude punches and draw you into their game. Lyoto is obviously a bit different than Anderson and he is a bigger fighter, and size hasn’t played a big role in the Anderson fights, but I like how Weidman matches up with Lyoto. He is very patient as a fighter and I think that if there is any fighter out there who can knock a hole into Lyoto’s game, it would be Chris. I think we are still at a stage of Chris Weidman’s game, where we are seeing what his strategy is going in for fights. Obviously, he would try and take Machida down, but with Anderson he wasn’t shy about standing up either, so honestly I don’t know where the fight would end up being, but it should be a good exciting fight.”