Rich Franklin Takes Role as VP of OneFC

The UFC has always prided itself upon the fact that a lot of these guys who were fighting for them and made them money will always have a job with the company and always be a part of the UFC family. One odd instance of this would have to be Rich Franklin. Rich Franklin is a former UFC Middleweight Champion and was one of their “franchise players” for many years, serving as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter early in the show’s run and was one of their most visible champions for years.

Franklin was always a company man who would take fill-in fights on short notice for the organization and it seemed like Rich Franklin would always be a part of the UFC family, but apparently, that is not to be. Rich Franklin is now officially the Vice President of OneFC in Singapore. Crazy, right? [source]

“The offer was definitely something that appealed to me and I like the people at ONE FC, so it was a no-brainer decision. There is no convincing needed for me to join the team. I’m a ONE FC member and I’m here this week to discuss how I can optimise my expertise and experience.

“I am here to learn the culture of the organisation; how it operates, how it functions. They have an aggressive growth plan over the next couple of years and it will be about me learning how that growth plan is going to execute,” he said in an exclusvie interview today.