Rich Chou Working with Scott Coker in Bellator

Wow. For the average fan this won’t be a big deal, but honestly, this is pretty awesome. Part of what made Strikeforce so special was the team that Scott Coker had assembled and that worked well together. It looks like Scott Coker is trying to do that with Bellator and that he’s taking it very seriously. How seriously? Scott Coker has brought aboard former Strikeforce matchmaker Rich Chou now, officially.

To some that might not sound that great, with Chou working with other promotions, including the resurrected ProElite, in the interim, but this is great news for Bellator. See, when you get certain guys to work together as a team they can make magic together, a magic that doesn’t always work individually. Think about your favorite band that broke up and everyone did solo albums that were missing that spark. Same thing.

Bellator now has the services of Rich Chou in conjunction with Scott Coker. Bellator is about to get really interesting.