Ricardo Mayorga’s Bogus MMA Win Overturned Due to Illegal Knee

We’ve all seen the clip by now of former Boxer Ricardo Mayorga winning his MMA debut via a crushing knee to the spine of his opponent. We all understand that at its core, that is an entirely illegal move and that he should have been disqualified on the spot, but alas, he was not and he was ruled the victor. It looks like the Nicaragua commission has heard the controversy and they have overturned the fight into a No Contest.

To top it off, Mayorga was 15lbs over the weight limit for the fight, which has led to them suspending him for three months. I’m not really sure how much heft the Nicaragua commission has over, well, anything, but three months is not that long and I’m sure if Mayorga wanted to do this again, he would be able to wherever anyone would book him.

It is unclear if he’ll fight in MMA again, but his mouth got him very far in the world of Boxing, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept pushing for MMA fights. [Source: BadLeftHook]