Ricardo Mayorga won his MMA debut via… Illegal knee?

If you can believe it, this fiasco was an MMA debut over three years in the making. Ricardo Mayorga stepping into the cage was a big deal to those still clinging desperately to the argument of boxer vs. MMA fighter, but to me, it was just being able to see how a damn good boxer who has faced the best over his long career would fare against a no name MMA fighter. But then again, Mayorga is no average boxer — as you can see in the banner pic, the dude isn’t really a picture of health, and he came in over twenty pounds overweight for the fight.

And he won with an illegal blow to his opponent’s spine.

Yes, Mayorga won (spoiler alert), but that shouldn’t stop you from watching one of the strangest fights to come out of any combat sport in years. I don’t really know what else to say other than press play immediately.