Results of Shane del Rosario’s Autopsy Come In

The topic of Shane del Rosario is a very sensitive one for many, as it should be, as Shane del Rosario died well before his time at age 30 of a heart condition. If it sounds odd for someone so young and in great shape to die of a heart condition that is because it is. Shane del Rosario’s story has been widely-reported over the last month and finally the coroner’s report is in, with del Rosario listed as dying of natural causes.

What should be taken away from this, though, is that there were traces of cocaine, opiates and THC in his body, although they have not said how much. If we are all to be honest with ourselves, this is kind of the stuff that we’ve dreaded hearing, but it didn’t seem like this was avoidable. Cocaine is a drug for young guys with money, which Shane del Rosario was. It can also really mess with your cardiac systems, which compounded with a defect such as being reported for del Roasrio, it can only make things worse. [source]