Rener Gracie Believes CM Punk Would Do Well in MMA

This won’t die down, just not yet, as former WWE Champion CM Punk is making headlines for walking off of the set at Monday Night Raw this week and has been removed from all future promotional materials for the time being. The talk in the MMA community has been about the possibility of CM Punk heading to MMA, especially with some of his own hinting at his desire to do so and his years of training. Now Rener Gracie is joining the pile-on to talk about CM Punk’s potential in MMA. [source]

“He can go get some fights, knock some fools out and choke some dudes,” Gracie said.

Gracie called Punk “a sponge,” who took to BJJ almost immediately, similar to other professional athletes he has worked with. The trainer lauded CM Punk’s fitness level, spatial awareness and athleticism.

“If he dedicates himself full time, there is no limit,” Gracie said. “He has the intangibles.”