Renan Barao’s Coach Calling for Immediate Rematch in Brazil


Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Look, I get it. Being a fighter is tough and having a bad night can equate to your entire career doing a 180 into the wrong direction. That is the case with Renan Barao who went from Dana White’s latest “pound-for-pound best” to a guy that got completely dominated by TJ Dillashaw. Apparently Renan Barao’s coach, Andre Pederneiras, believes that Renan Barao deserves an immediate rematch for the title, this time on his home turf of Brazil.

Maybe I’m way off here, but if it was a close fight, immediate rematch makes sense, but it had to be disheartening for Renan Barao to be utterly dominated like that and maybe he should have a fight or two first to build himself back up before that happens. Just a suggestion. [source]

“We’re asking for an immediate rematch. It’s fair, and we’re looking a way to do it,” Pederneiras said in an interview to radio show No Mundo da Luta. “It can’t happen in less than five or six months, but I think that’s how long T.J. is going to be out. Everybody wants to see another fight between them, since it was the fight of the night.”

Not only did Pederneiras request an immediate rematch for Barao, he suggested that the fight should take place in Brazil next October.

“The ideal would be bringing this fight to Brazil,” he said. “There’s going to be a big event here in Brazil, apparently in October in Rio de Janeiro. Let’s see is these guys are man enough to fight Barao in his house.”