Renan Barao Scores Controversial Stoppage Over Urijah Faber

Say what you will about Urijah Faber, but he always puts it all on the line when he steps into the ring and tonight he did just that. It was his second meeting with the uber-dangerous Renan Barao and the fight ended the same way; Barao victorious, although it was marred by controversy.

Late in the first round Renan Barao had Urijah Faber hurt, landing a right hand on him that dropped him. Faber turtled up while Barao got on top of him and rained down shows while Faber looked to protect himself without doing much at all. Barao looked up at Herb Dean for the stoppage as Faber was doing nothing to prevent the shots or change his position and Dean called it, without noticing Faber’s thumbs up he was giving.

Was it a bad call or was Faber out? That’s for all of us to decide, I guess.