Ref Mario Yamasaki Thought Johny Hendricks Dominated Georges St-Pierre

I feel like there are a few people who have a real up-close view of what goes on in a fight and that the referee is probably the guy with the best view of the action and has his finger on the pulse of exactly what is happening. In the case of Johny Hendricks vs. Georges St-Pierre that man would be Mario Yamasaki, and according to Yamasaki, that fight was all Johny Hendricks. In fact, he only saw Georges St-Pierre winning one round against Johny Hendricks. [link]

“I’m inside the cage so I can’t see the fight as the judge sees it, but I thought Hendricks won the fight,” Yamasaki told “I thought Hendricks dominated the fight, it was brutal, and I was surprised when they gave St-Pierre the win. But I’m not the judge. I look at the fight with different eyes.”

Yamasaki scored the fifth round in favor of St-Pierre, and that was it.

“The first round was slow and could have gone either way. Hendricks dominated the second one. The third was close and could also go either way, and the judges gave it to St-Pierre. When the fight was over, I thought Hendricks won every round except the last one,” he said. “But I have to watch the fight again to analyze it as a judge.”