What is Really Going on at Greg Jackson’s Martial Arts Academy?

With recent reports of Jon Jones checking himself into a rehab program and a curiously low T/E ratio on his post fight drug test it got me thinking…. haven’t we seen all of this before at Jackson’s?  I fired up the old noggin and thought back a few years for other Jackson trained fighters with drug controversy and here are some standouts that come to mind:

First, there was Melvin Guillard, who was popped for cocaine after his 27-second loss to Joe Stevenson at UFN 9 April 5th, 2007.  Then we have Leonard Garcia getting arrested in 2008 along with 12 other members of an El Paso-to-Lubbock cocaine smuggling ring.  And now we have Jon Jones in the mix with his own cocaine issues and recent suspiciously low T/E ratio post UFC 182.  Leaving us to wonder… What really goes on at Jackson’s Martial Arts Academy?