Read Nate Diaz’s Crazy Response to Bryan Caraway Receiving Pat Healy’s Bonus Check

There is nothing as great as when the Diaz brothers speak their minds to the world, because there are times when you genuinely wonder if they really care who hears about it. The 209 has become a place of legend due to the Diaz brothers who have been involved with some of the most controversial moments in MMA, including a broadcast television pull-apart brawl that prompted Gus Johnson’s famous line of “Sometimes these things happen in MMA.”

The recent buzz has been about how Pat Healy failed a drug test, being pinched for having marijuana in his system and losing his bonus check, which was then presented to Miesha Tate’s boyfriend, Bryan Caraway. There is a lot of disdain floating around about Caraway and something like this only adds fuel to the fire. Nathan Diaz, usually the more reserved of the Diaz brothers, saw this as an opportunity to slam Caraway while using some choice language via Twitter.


In most sports I’d say that there would be some form of backlash, as we recently saw Matt Mitrione “suspended” from the UFC for his comments on Fallon Fox. We’ll have to see what happens with Diaz, if this leads to some form of suspension or if it just leads to a fight between Caraway and Nate Diaz.