Ray Sefo Open to WSOF Cross-Promotion with Bellator

Scott Coker wasn’t on the job more than a few hours with Bellator before the media was asking him about possible co-promotion, considering that was one of the things that Scott Coker had done with Strikeforce that helped the organization to grow. Of course Scott Coker is open to the idea of cross-promotion for Bellator, which only opened up the floodgates for everyone to speculate who and what could happen.

World Series of Fighting is one of the no-brainers, especially with WSOF calling out Bellator months ago to no answer from Bjorn Rebney. Ray Sefo still seems excited by the idea and if these guys can hash it out we just might see it. Cool. [source]

It is absolutely a possibility. You already know that Scott has been a friend of mine for about 20 years. He did an amazing job with Strikeforce, and it’s so good to see him back in the game. Now, the possibilities are endless. Co-promotion is one of the reasons why boxing became so huge. When the individual associations and councils started unifying the titles, exponential growth in the sport was the result. We’re definitely open to the possibilities of co-promotion, for sure.