Ray Longo thinks Weidman is going to crush Machida

Lyoto Machida drinks urine for fun and hydration. You cannot ‘crush’ someone who drinks urine for fun and hydration. You just can’t. I don’t care if you’re from New York like Ray Longo and you see people drinking their pee every day, that doesn’t directly translate to a one-sided battle for your dude in the Octagon.

So yeah. Longo is saying the same stuff he said before the Anderson fight, and that should make Machida fans somewhat worried.

Ray said this on the MMA Hour.

“I think Weidman is going to do what he always does,” Longo said. “He’s going to get in that ring, he’s going to go forward, and he’s going to impose his will on Machida and he’s going to make Machida fight his game, and he’s probably just going to end up crushing the guy. … There’s a good chance he just dumps him on his head and does what he wants with him.”