Ray Longo Feels Anderson Silva Has Lost Touch with Reality

It’s been a few weeks since Chris Weidman’s second win over Anderson Silva, but, much like the first fight, this one was not without controversy. Chris Weidman apparently used a technique that was passed onto him by his trainer, Ray Longo, dubbed “The Destruction,” which is simply a harder check for a leg kick, which helped to break Anderson Silva’s leg.

We’ve seen Ray Longo’s thought on the move in the past week, now he is responding to Anderson Silva’s claim that Chris Weidman didn’t really defeat him, that he just got injured. Longo doesn’t seem pleased. [source]

“I think these guys just aren’t in touch with reality, and they have to learn how to lose properly and grow from your losses, and move on – instead of making excuses. Earn your way back up, correct your mistakes. That’s what really being a champion is. One win or loss doesn’t make a champion, but certainly making excuses isn’t being a champion, either.”

“I would think it’s a lot of OxyContins talking. [Silva is] on a lot of pain meds, and he’s delirious – that would be my first gut feeling. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt.”