Rashad Evans Talks About Possible Move to WWE

Apparently over the last weekend Rashad Evans had been talking to people about a possible move to professional wrestling for him, his sights set on moving to the WWE. Rashad Evans, at 34, would have a difficult transition to professional wrestling as it is, needing time to properly train and get a feel for wrestling. It might be hard to swallow for the WWE to take in an older star like Evans without prior training, especially considering that they groom most of their talent in-house for a lot cheaper right now.

Rashad Evans cleared the air with Michael Stets of MMAMania that yes, he’s considering it, but that it might not be for another four years or so, when he’s retired from MMA. That would make him 38. That right there seems to be a clear indicator that Rashad Evans probably won’t go to professional wrestling, considering he’d need at least a year or two to learn the ropes before he’d debut and by then his name value might be diminished.

It would still be pretty cool. Imagine a WWE where Brock Lesnar, Chael Sonnen and Rashad Evans are involved. [source]