Rashad Evans Absolutely Mauls Chael Sonnen in Round One

Rashad Evans vs. Chael Sonnen was the fight that no one really expected a few months ago, nor did anyone really want it, but Chael Sonnen put it together via Twitter and it actually happened. Well, Chael Sonnen wanted a fight with Rashad Evans and that is exactly what he got; a fight. Rashad Evans just completely mauled Chael Sonnen, there really is no way around that and no other words for it. It was a complete mauling.

The fight began in Tim Sylvia fashion with them clinching against the cage, but then a takedown by Rashad Evans sealed the fight, as he was able to get Chael to roll over onto his stomach and then just rained down punches until Chael had to tap out, ending the mauling.