This Randy Couture Supplement Ad is Kind of Shady and Awkward

Randy Couture! Captain America! The hero of the UFC that… Oh, well, he’s on the outs with the UFC right now, actually, and we are no longer to pretend that he is Captain America. Now that we have that settled, Randy Couture is still around the MMA community with Xtreme Couture, he just isn’t fighting anymore. Randy Couture’s last real effect on the MMA world was appearing as a coach on Bellator’s awful reality series Fight Master, but you know, you can never leave that spotlight, even if the spotlight now means low quality YouTube supplement ads!

This ad features Randy Couture talking about the hot button topic of TRT and why he uses supplements that help your body naturally produce testosterone as opposed to just jamming a needle into his thigh. He also talks about how he never failed a drug test, which sounds like this is a very above board product! He’s claiming that he’s been using this product for over nine years now without a positive test. Yes, he says this. He also talks about how it helps his libido.

Seems legit.