Rampage Jackson’s Final Straw With The UFC? White Insulting Him for Missing Weight

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has been incredibly vocal over the last few, well, years, about the UFC and how unhappy he is with that organization. Last week’s press event with Spike TV, Bellator and TNA Wrestling officials was at times more like a therapy session for Jackson who explained the deterioration of his relationship with the UFC and how he felt about it.

Now he has come out and said was his final straw was with the UFC and it has to do with Dana White insulting him for missing weight. This was when Rampage felt so insulted that he knew that he had to leave the company. That being said, he isn’t pointing fingers at others exclusively, as he also discussed how he knew that it was wrong to pull out of the Rashad Evans fight due to his filming schedule for the A-Team movie.

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