Rampage Jackson Just Knocked Out Joey Beltran in Bellator Debut

There has been a lot of talk about Rampage Jackson’s move to Bellator, which comes with a hefty deal with Viacom. It isn’t that Rampage Jackson wasn’t a fantastic fighter, but it’s that Rampage Jackson hasn’t been doing much in MMA over the past few years to keep himself relevant. At one time Quinton Rampage Jackson was one of the scariest dudes in the Light Heavyweight division, but his last few UFC fights really pushed him aside.

Rampage Jackson’s move to Bellator was supposed to be his career revival, which would start with Tito Ortiz. As we all know that just didn’t happen, instead he got pushed back to tonight’s event with Joey Beltran as his opponent. As you could have probably predicted, Bellator wanted Rampage Jackson to win, but the Mexicutioner is a tough dude who can hit pretty hard, so it was a big risk.

Luckily for everyone involved Rampage Jackson scored a left and right that put Beltran down before he swarmed, the ref stepping in just as the bell rang to end the first round. Check out ZProphet’s GIF of the stoppage.