Rampage Jackson Fined $10,000 For Weigh-in Shove

Image Credit (Justin Ford/USA TODAY Sports)

The crazy news today is that Rampage Jackson was almost pulled from the Bellator 120 card thanks to that shove that he delivered to King Mo Lawal during the weigh-ins. Crazy, right? According to the Athletic Commission in Mississippi, it was against their rules of conduct and they had to consider pulling him completely from the card. Could you imagine how big of a deal that would have been for Bellator to lose a second main event in less than a week? Damn.

They were ultimately able to come to an agreement in fining Rampage Jackson $10,000 for the shove, but imagine what could have been? Damn. Rampage Jackson needs a bit better self-control. [source]

Lewis said it was bad enough, by his estimation, that removing Jackson from the card altogether was explored as an option. Ultimately, Lewis declined to exercise that option after speaking with the promoter. In addition, Jackson later apologized at the venue. “Rampage was very apologetic,” Lewis said. “He said he deserved the fine and he was assessed one for it.”

While the commission considered fining Jackson a percentage of his purse for each alleged infraction, they instead levied a flat fine for common forms of physical misconduct.