Rampage Jackson Back in the New for Altercation at a Club

The curious case of Quinton Rampage Jackson is that of a former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion who has had many ups and downs since winning that title, some of which include very public displays of insanity that have led to him getting quite a reputation. It is no surprise then that Rampage Jackson is back in the news again and that it has nothing to do with professional fighting and everything to do with public displays of, well, Rampage.

This time around TMZ Sports caught a video of Rampage confronting a man outside of a club in LA after the man allegedly grabbed Rampage Jackson’s girlfriend inappropriately and Rampage threatened the man to apologize or else. As you can see they don’t come to blows, which is for the best for both that guy, Rampage Jackson, Viacom, Spike TV and Bellator, as Rampage in the news for beating up some poor little dude wouldn’t be good for anyone. Check out the video below.