Ralek Gracie Has ‘Lost Respect for Eddie Bravo as a Man’

For those who may not now, Ralek Gracie is the younger brother of Rener and Ryron Gracie and is the man responsible for Metamoris.

Following Metamoris 3, Eddie Bravo came out on many public forums, including “The MMA Hour” and “The Joe Rogan Experience” claiming that he believes that Ralek is mad at him, due to the fact that he had yet to reach out following his Metamoris 3 match with Royler Gracie. 

This didn’t sit well with the Metamoris head honcho, in a recent interview with “Darce Side Radio” Ralek gave his response to Bravo’s comments.

“Aside from how he competed and showing up as a warrior and competing and presenting his jiu-jitsu in a cool way. This is where I started to lose respect for Eddie as a man, because he completely fabricated that. Now if he wants to assume that I was mad at him, that’s one thing. But to openly, publicly address and suggest that I am mad at him after an event like that, when I literally put everything in my life into making that event happen. For him to say  ‘Ralek is mad at me,’ and suggest that in four different interviews publicly, in big interviews, in big publications. That’s all political. That’s a complete front. It’s really, really sad. I just started thinking about it, and I realized he’s starting his own event and he wanted to basically, in some way, kind of discredit me as the owner of the event and give himself a reason to feel that he can now disconnect from me and just publicly put it out there where normally you wouldn’t do that. If you felt like somebody was mad at you, you wouldn’t have to do that. You wouldn’t have to say ‘oh I know this person is mad at me,’ or ‘I think they are mad at me’ as if it’s this important piece of information as far as the total scheme of things.”

“He hasn’t responded. I texted him. He hasn’t responded since Sunday night. He hasn’t responded. He’s not reaching out to me saying ‘hey man Ralek, dude are you really mad at me? Is there something really happening?’ We have the relationship where he can do that. It’s a pretty weird thing to me. He didn’t need to do that…. Maybe he will hear this interview and his whole campaign will change, but at this point I feel like he’s on a campaign and he has a goal. That’s the way I see it because that’s just all I’ve been presented with. I could be completely wrong.” said Ralek.