Rafael Natal isn’t pleased with the critics of the Fight for the Troops headliner

We get it. Sports stars don’t really like being criticized, but the main event pairing of Tim Kennedy and Rafael Natal does raise a few eyebrows as far as confusion over just who the hell these guys are  to the regular Joe-everybody fan. I’m looking forward to Fight for the Troops, personally, and I agree with Natal. They are there for a reason, and the fight should be good. This is what Natal said to MMA Junkie about Wednesday’s headliner:

“We’re going to make a good show for the people, and we will see what they say after the fight,” Natal told MMAjunkie.com. “UFC, Dana White and Joe Silva know what they’re doing to promote a fight, and if they made this the main event, they did it for a reason.”

“I fought in Brazil my last fight, and the crowd was for me,” Natal said. “It was hard to concentrate because I was so excited. This fight is going to be different. Now I have to focus. … If the crowd is against me