Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson Signs with TNA Wrestling and Bellator

Well, it turns out that Rampage Jackson is NOT going to One FC, which is probably a good thing for anyone who wants to see him fight ever again at a time other than 6am in the morning on a YouTube PPV. It turns out he’ll be going from the deep waters of the UFC to the comparative above ground pool that is Bellator. In these terms One FC would be a kiddie pool for him, by the way, I just wanted to clarify on my pool metaphor.

Bellator should be a good fit for it, with it looking like he got a similar contract to what “King” Mo Lawal got; a dual-brand contract with both Bellator and TNA Wrestling. This means that he might be spending some time at OVW learning the ins and outs of professional wrestling for a while before he does much of anything, although I’m sure that he’ll fight for Bellator a few times as well. It really isn’t clear if he’ll actually wrestle or not, like King Mo, but according to the email sent out by TMZ, he gets his own reality show on Spike TV as well.