Prepare for Mark Hunt This Weekend by Watching Struve vs. Hunt


When it comes to UFC Heavyweights, I feel like Mark Hunt is often slept-upon. Sure, Mark Hunt isn’t the youngest Heavyweight on the UFC’s roster and his skills are nothing like a well-rounded GSP’s or any other modern fight, but what Hunt lacks in grappling skill he makes up for in heart and durability. This makes Mark Hunt one of the most dangerous Heavyweights on the UFC roster, as he is unpredictable. He might be able to knock out a top ranked Heavyweight and ruin their possible title run, or he might have trouble with a lower level guy just because of a bad match up.

This is what makes Mark Hunt that awesome to watch and why I’ll not count him out this weekend against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva. So to prepare, UFC has uploaded Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve for your viewing pleasure and damn, is it a pleasure.