Postmortem: Combat USA Illinois State Finals

Combat USA Fighting Championship- May 14th 2011, Racine Wisconsin

On Saturday May 14th, Memorial Hall played host to Combat USA’s Illinois State Finals before an excited Midwestern crowd. The atmosphere wreaked of adrenaline filled expectations as fighters of all sizes made attempts at the coveted Combat USA tournament belts. The tourney format has always been one of my favorites in sports, sure to deliver fun filled action with competitors that go for broke in search of victory.

Quick Results

David Sachs def.  Stanton Gavia at 1:11 of Round 2 by TKO
Neil Magny def. Quartus Stitt at :38 of Round 2 by Submission (Triangle)
Jonatas Novaes def. Ryan Thomas at 4:08 of Round 1 by Submission (Armbar)
Louis Taylor def. Jason Louck at 4:40 of Round 2 by Submission (Strikes)
Dylan Falduto def. Bowe Vincent Jr at 2:40 of Round 1 by Submission (RNC)
Bobby Galvan def. Tim Hallock at 1:08 of Round 1 by Submission (Guillotine)
Matt Gauthier def. Jordan Chambliss at 1:22 of Round 1 by Submission (Guillotine)
Brandon Pratt def.  Jordan Winski at :41 of Round 1 by Submisison (RNC)
Eric Flannigan def. Dustin Lamas by Unanimous Decision

Under Card

Eric Flanagan vs. Dustin Lamas

The nights action begins with Eric Flannigan and Dustin Lamas both looking to push the action. The fight goes to the ground quickly with Lamas fending off a rear naked choke attempt by Flannigan. Lamas is able to land a solid overhand right when they eventually get back to their feet, which is immediately negated by a Flannigan double leg takedown. Lamas controls Flannigan in his guard for the remainder of the first round but we have it 10-9 for Flannigan.

Round two begins with a nice exchange of leg kicks before Lamas attempts to take Flannigan to the ground yet again. Unfortunately Flannigan lands on top and passes easily into half guard. It is obvious that Lamas has gotten the worst of the exchange as be begins to bleed profusely from his nose. There is a lot of blood reminiscent of the fight between David Heath and Renato Sobral at UFC 74. The ref stops the action as Lamas sweeps back to top position to have him checked by the doctors. They restart in the same position with Lamas working his ground and pound nicely. We have it 10-9 Flannigan for Round 2.

The third stanza begins with a nice exchange but it is obvious that the severe loss of blood and punishment has taken its toll on Lamas. He presses Flannigan against the cage and lands a knee directly to the groin that leaves Flannigan writhing in agony. The action is stopped and Flannigan takes a couple of minutes to recover. The shot to the package has visibly angered him and Flannigan re-engages the action with a huge looping right hand that just misses its mark. Lamas is able to sweep after a Flannigan takedown but overextends himself and winds up on his back again. Lamas sees his opportunity and goes for a heel hook with Flannigan immediately defending with the same maneuver. Nothing doing here as the two ride out the round and Flannigan wins by Unanimous Decision.

Jordan Winski vs. Brandon Pratt

Brandon Pratt makes quick work of  Jordan Winski sinking in a rear naked choke as the two scramble to the ground during a single leg takedown attempt from Winski. The fight is called at 0:41 as Winski regains consciousness obviously confused as to how quickly things turned for the worst.

Matt Gauthier vs. Jordan Chambliss

Both fighters come out swinging as the crowd cheers frantically. Gauthier is able to land a clean hook that drops Chambliss to the canvas. Chambliss immediately springs back to his feet looking for blood, but gets dropped to his knees again by another shot to the chin. Chambliss attempts a single leg but leaves his neck exposed enough for Gauthier to sink in a guillotine choke forcing the tap at 1:22 of Round 1.

Tim Hallock vs. Bobby Galvan

Guillotines seem to be the story of the night as Bobby Galvan is able to submit Tim Hallock at 1:08 in Round 1 after the two exchange blows in the clinch against the cage. Hallock was winning until he made a fatal error leaving his neck exposed while grinding his opponent against the cage.

Bowe Vincent Jr. vs. Dylan Falduto

Dylan Falduto came here on this night looking for his first professional victory. Landing a crafty takedown to start the fight, Falduto remained in control for the entire 2:40 it took to finish his opponent via rear naked choke. Vincent had a notable sweep from the bottom and guillotine attempt before Falduto powered him back to the mat to take the submission win.

Main Card

Luis Taylor vs. Jason Louck

Round 1 begins with the two fighters searching for an opening for what seemed like an eternity in this Middleweight Championship fight. Neither fighter is willing to engage and leave himself open for a counter attack. Taylor eventually shoots for a takedown and the two fighters scramble for position with Taylor winding up on top after several nice hooks and a straight right. Louck, ever crafty on the ground, is able to escape but Taylor is able to capitalize to wind up in mount during the transition. At this point the crowd wakes from their slumber chanting Louis as he throws haymakers from the mount. Louck bridges and is able to get the fight back to the feet and sinks in a guillotine as Taylor tries for another takedown right before the bell. A few more seconds and this fight may have been stopped. We have it 10-8 Taylor, but he is looking visibly exhausted on his stool.

Round 2 begins much like the first, with both fighters treading cautiously. Louck channels his inner GSP as he attacks Taylor with a Superman punch followed by a flying knee against the cage. Taylor is able to fend off the barrage and take Luck down to the canvas again. This time it’s all business as Taylor works his ground and pound from inside Louck’s guard. As Louck tries to get back to his feet, Taylor attempts a guillotine but lets it go in favor of more punishment via ground and pound. Louck has had enough and shouts “I’m good” as the referee steps in to stop the action at 4:40 of Round 2.

Jonatas Novaes vs. Ryan Thomas

FLO MMA’s Lightweight Jonatas Novaes met a very seasoned UFC vet Ryan Thomas for the Illinois State Title. Novaes opened the round with a vicious leg kick before taking Thomas down near his corner against the cage. Thomas attempts a very tight armbar but Noaves is able to escape with a slam winding up back in Thomas’ rubber guard. Novaes’ cornerman Comprido shouts instructions in Portuguese to create space and he obliges landing a vicious bomb to the forehead of Thomas that stuns him momentarily. Novaes passes guard as Thomas attempts to escape to standing but leaves an opportunity for the Brazilian Black Belt to sink in a very deep armbar. It’s tight, but Thomas refuses to tap even though it looks like his arm is about to snap in half. Novaes readjusts sinking the submission even tighter and cranks back on the arm forcing Thomas to submit at 4:08 of Round 1.

With the victory Jonatas Novaes will face Sherron “Rob Roy” Leggett, who is currently on a five fight win streak, in July for the Midwest Title.

Aoutneil Magny  vs. Quartus Stitt

Stitt of HIT Squad starts the round with a combination of kicks before securing a guillotine on a shot from Magny. There is a scramble on the ground as both fighters fight for position. Magny is eventually able to take Stitt’s back and rides out the round assaulting from the top. We have it as 10-9 Magny.

Round two opens with a Stitt right hand that puts Magny down. Stitt sensing his opportunity attacks but winds up in a triangle on the ground. There is a short struggle before Magny is able to readjust and secure a submission victory via triangle at 0:38 of round 2.

David Sachs blue vs. Stanton Gavia

The main event of the evening delivered as David Sachs turned in a dominant first round smothering Gavia from the top for nearly the entire five minutes after taking him down almost immediately. Gavia made several attempts to get it standing but it was to no avail as Sachs poured on the pressure with slick transitions and ground and pound. Round 1 goes to Sachs 10-9.

Gavia tries to press the action to start round 2 only to be slammed to the canvas. Sachs sees his opportunity and delivers elbows and punches from the top that gets the stoppage at 1:11 of round 2 and wins via TKO.

The winners of Saturday’s contests will square off against the Wisconsin champions in July.