Postmortem: Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3

Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3– Saturday, March 5 2011 – Villa Park , IL

Local MMA shows are rapidly starting to become some of my favorite to watch. If you had the pleasure of attending this past weekend’s Chicago Cagefighting Championship 3 and the Odeum in Villa Park, you certainly got your price of admission. The nights action was headlined by none other than former UFC Champion Jens Pulver vs. Wade Choate. The WEC’s Chase Beebe co-headlined with Felice Herrig also on the card. The undercard featured spectacular come from behind victories by Eric Kriegermeir and Christian Reynoso as well as fast finishes from Jason Graves and Giovanni Moljo. UFC Lightweight Clay Guida also made a guest appearance to the delight of the nearly sold out crowd.

Play by play of all the action can be found below:


Main Event

Jens Pulver vs. Wade Choate

Round 1 – The two fighters come out striking and trade leg kicks. Good body punch from Jens lands hard. Jens works the body at the end of his combos, Jens with a leg kick that sweeps Wade followed by big elbows from Jens. The corner screams for Jens to let him up and now they are back on their feet. Jens catches a kick and leg kicks Wade down again. Jens let’s him up yet again thanks to his corner’s instruction. Pulver is looking sharp working his angles and boxing well. Both fighters respect each other’s striking ability but Jens stalks Wade by coming forward and dictating the pace. Round 1 Jens.

Round 2 – Jens keeps catching Wade’s kicks after some light trading to start the round and puts Wade on his back again. Pulver assaults with leg kicks while Wade is on the ground. Big left from Wade lands but Jens is also landing the entire round as the two fighters continue to exchange back and forth. Closer round than the first but Round 2 goes to Jens thanks to putting Wade on his back early.

Round 3 – Wade keeps circling away and staying cautious but looking for an opening. Jens continues catching kicks but Wade is able to land several shots while trying to push the pace. Jens is cautious as his corner urges him to use his boxing instead of brawling with Wade. Pretty even round but the edge goes to Wade in Round 3. As we wait for the official results Jens is having a hard time walking around and looks visibly hurt. As he stands to hear the decision, it is obvious his left foot is badly broken. Judges have it: 29-28 Wade, 29-28 Jens, and 29-28 for Jens.

Winner – Jens Pulver (Split Decision)


Co-Main Event

Chase Beebe vs. Steve Kinnison

Round 1 – Chase starts the round with a hip throw but ends up on bottom. After a few seconds of scrambling both are back on their feet. Chase manages another takedown and winds up on top in Kinnison’s half guard. Beebe transitions now to side control. His corner yells at Chase  to throw knees to the body of Kinnison and he obliges. Kinnison now manages to gain half guard again and Chase tries to force a kimura attempt from top. Couple of elbows from Beebe to Kinnisons face allow him to gain the crucifix position. Kinnison escapes the very dangerous position but Chase winds up in side control. Round ends. Chase takes Round 1.

Round 2 – The round starts with a scramble where Kinnison ends up on top but Chase reverses and gets placed in Kinnison’s full guard. Chase is now working a kimura but gives it up. Beebes corner urges him to pass Kinnison’s guard and he does. Beebe now in half guard begins to throw elbows, Big elbows and cuts Kinnison deeply. The ref stops the action for the doctor to take a look at the cut. Three-minute stoppage. Back into the same position. Chase  is now in side control then half guard but can’t get mount. The round finishes with Chase dropping elbows from side control. 2nd Round for Chase.

Round 3 – Chase hits with a one two combo then goes for the clinch and Kinnison decides to jump guard. Chase postures up and manages to pass into half guard while delivering more elbows. Kinnison loosens his grip allowing Chase to get mount but Kinnison escapes and attempts a knee bar a the end of the round. Round 3 goes to Chase. All three Judges have it 30-27 for Beebe.

Winner – Chase Beebe (Unanimous Decision)

Felice Herrig vs. Andrea Miller

Round  1– Big push kick from Felice to start the round that sends Miller backwards, but she looks determined and lands a solid jab on the bridge of Herrig’s nose that draws first blood. Felice presses Miller up against the cage now and goes for a double leg takedown that puts her in side control and then mount near the center of the cage. Felice crawls Miller to the cage and begins unloading with punches and elbows. More elbows than I can count forcing the ref to stop the fight less than a minute into the first round.

Winner – Felice Herrig – (TKO)


Mike Pitz vs. Dan Bolden

Round 1 – Big right from Bolden to start the round. Pitz gets a single and winds up in half guard. Elbows from top by Pitz. Pitz transitions to mount. Pitz slides off grabs an arm bar. Bolden escapes and is now on top. They’re back to the feet but Pitz with a single takes him down and throws a knee that hits Bolden square in the twig and berries. Ref stops the action. They restart standing with Pitz eating a right and gets the takedown. Pitz hammer fists and elbows from top. Pitz locks a triangle and gets the tap at 4:38 of the first round. Pitz comes over by us while in the cage and blows chunks  repeatedly and then provides the best after fight interview of the night.

Winner – Mike Pitz (Submission – Triangle Choke)

Carson Beebe vs. Giovanni Moljo

Round 1 – A wild flying knee from Moljo allows Carson to secure the takedown to start the round. Moljo locks up an inverted triangle that looks very tight and Carson goes to sleep at 0:52 seconds in the first round.

Winner – Giovanni Moljo (Submission – Inverted triangle choke)


Mike Santiago vs. Eric Kreigermier

Round 1 – Kreigermier goes for a standing guillotine and the fighters go to the ground. Kreigermier uses a kimura to reverse from bottom to get up. Now switches to an armbar while Santiago lands elbows and punches. Kreigermier is cut over his right eye. Bigknee from Santiago but it looked like Kreigermier’s knee was on the ground when that knee landed. The ref lets the action continue. Santiago in side control working elbows and punches again until theround ends. Kreigermier slow to get up while Santiago taunts him that he thinks this one is over. 1st round  to Santiago.

Round 2 – Big right head kick from Santiago starts the round and the two end up on the ground with Santiago in side control. Dropping punches and elbows Santiago has the crucifix position. Now inhalf guard and back to side control. Kreigermier slides out the backdoor and is finally on top. Kreigermier takes Santiago’s back. Both hooks in he locks up the rear naked choke and gets the tap. What a comeback! Santiago was spent and had no choice but to tap. The refs are doing a good job of letting these guys fight on when they are taking some punishment. Kreigermier wins at 3:48 of the second round.

Winner – Eric Kreigermier (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)


Christian Reynoso vs. Ray Grindstaff

Round 1 – Reynoso throws an inside leg kick and hits ray in the junk almost immediately stopping the action.As they restart Grinstaff drops Reynoso with a straight right but he gets back to his feet. Grinstaff with the clinch and takedown slowly crawls Reynoso to the cage. In his guard not much action so the Ref stands them up. Clinch and Grindstaff gets the takedown. In Reynoso’s half guard now transitions to full guard. Grinstaff picks him up and slams him twice to the delight of the crowd. Someone in the peanut gallery yells, “that sucks!” Reynoso reverses it and slams Grindstaff at the end of the round. Grinstaff takes round 1.
Round 2 – The fighters clinch on the cage. Reynoso locks up a guillotine. Grindstaff escapes. Reynoso then goes for an armbar, he gets it and the tap. Nice comeback! Reynoso wins at 1:09 in the 2nd round.

Winner – Christian Reynoso (Submission – Arm Bar)


Chris Haney vs. Joey Diehl

Round 1 – Big leg kick from Diehl and takedown. Diehl gets side control and brings the pain with elbows from t op. Now Diehl in north south transitions to mount. Diehl continues with the barrage, raining punches and elbows. Diehl locks on an arm bar and wow, looks like he bent it past the point of no return. Surprisingly Haney escapes gains top position into Diehl’s half guard. Crowd waking up now starts to cheer. Haney gets mount punching away until the horn sounds. Diehl takes round 1 but a nice comeback from Haney.

Round 2 – Leg kick and head kick from Diehl to start then Diehl has a one arm guillotine and loses it. Diehl goes for a kimura but Haney reverses it and takes his back.Diehl escapes out and is on top in Haney’s guard. Haney throws up a quick triangle and gets the tap. Chris Haney wins at 3:39 of the 2nd round. Good back and forth fight and wow what a comeback.

Winner – Chris Haney (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)


Will Brooks vs. Guillermo Serment

Round 1 – Brooks with the clinch and knees to start. Leg kicks from Brooks and an inside leg kick hits- low blow. At the restart Brooks lands big punches. Serment goes for a guillotine. Brooks escapes. Brooks has him down and takes his back landing punches from the back. Going for the rear naked choke but unable to get it. Serment defending. Round ends. Round 1 goes to Brooks.

Round 2 – Big upper cut and takedown from Brooks drops Serment. Brooks takes his back. Secures the rear naked choke and gets the tap. Brooks wins at 49 seconds in the 2nd round.

Winner – Will Brooks (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)


Jason Graves vs. PJ Cajigas

Round 1 – The two fighters engage in a quick exchange then clinch up and Graves gets the takedown. Graves takes Cajiga’s back and secures the rear naked choke. Graves wins at 0:31 in the first round.

Winner – Jason Graves (Submission – Rear Naked Choke)