Photo of the Day: A Svelte Alistair Overeem in Thailand

We all know that Alistair Overeem is known by a different name at times, that name being Ubereem. The question is; why not? When Alistair Overeem embraced his move to Heavyweight he went from a large Light Heavyweight to a gargantuan monster at Heavyweight, with a claim of superior genetics that he had to fight against to cut down to Light Heavyweight. He ran roughshod over the competition in Europe and Japan until he came stateside, where he was primed and ready to dish out Uberknees until he ran into Antonio Silva’s uppercut then a front kick from Travis Browne that officially derailed the Ubereem freight train.

That means that Alistair Overeem had to go back to the drawing board, this time it looks like he’s turned to the assistance of GLORY boss Pierre Andurand, who recently set up a camp for Alistair at Koh Samui, Thailand at the Superpro Samui center. Daniel Fletcher of Samurai Life was witness to Overeem training in Koh Samui and snapped a few shots showing Overeem looking a bit smaller than we’ve seen him in a very long time. Interesting. Alistair Overeem fights Frank Mir on February 1st at UFC 170. [source]