Phil Davis puts Jon Jones and his ‘soft opponents’ on blast

People be duckin’ Phil Davis, yo. I wouldn’t want to fight Phil Davis either if I were them. Granted, Lyoto Machida absolutely defeated Phil in Brazil, but the judges didn’t see it that way. Hell, because of that you could say Phil sent Lyoto to middleweight, as Phil is just entirely too massive to deal with effectively. He cuts weight well, he has a striking game that’s coming together, and his wrestling is better than 90% of the UFC. He’s a tough fight for anyone, and that’s why Phil thinks Jon Jones is taking the softer side of the light heavyweight division.

“He’s not the guy I wanted,” said Davis said. “But pretty much everyone else was booked, so it wasn’t a huge surprise, but it was like, I’ll take it at this point.”

“He wants more of the softer side of the division,”

“Most people would rematch (vs. Gustafsson). But he said, forget about that, forget about you.’ I find that interesting. Very interesting.”

“Glover’s a big, scary guy. And he swings hard, and that doesn’t make for happy afternoons. So, that’s a tough fight for him. He’s not ready for it.”

“I mean listen, it can be any combination of title things that get you a title shot. Apparently fighting Roy Nelson and then fighting Pat Cummins gets you a title shot. Maybe beating no one in the top 10 like Glover did gets you a title shot. There’s no rhyme or reason to getting a title shot. So, beating the number one contender does not get you a title shot. At this point, I don’t really care, I think I’m in the best in the world so I’ll just keep fighting whoever they put in the cage.”