Phil Davis Not Interested in Rematch With Lyoto Machida

Sigh. I’ll be upfront about this and say that I am indeed one of the many people who believes that Lyoto Machida had handily defeated Phil Davis at UFC 163 and that it would be one of those fights that would demand a rematch, but the recent news of Lyoto possibly fighting Vitor has put a dash to that, as does “Mr. Wonderful’s” take on the situation. According to Davis, he saw no real controversy or a reason to give Lyoto a rematch.

Davis had some choice words to say about people who didn’t believe that he won, stuff that would be considered fighting words if, of course, he’d rematch against Lyoto, which he seems to be dead set against.

“I have 12 wins, 11 wins (Davis’ record is 12-1 with 1 no contest), all those guys want rematches,” Davis said on Monday’s MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani. “You’re not the first person who wants a rematch. You fight every fight like this. You fight close fights. Name one fight that he didn’t finish where he beat the crap out of somebody.”

“You live by that sword, you die by that sword,” said Davis. “When you habitually leave it to the judges, that strategy will fail you. I can’t say it any other way.”