Phil Davis Accused of ‘Liking it Rough’ — Maybe a Bit Too Rough?

So, when TMZ posts something MMA-related you know that it is going to be kind of weird, right? That applies to today’s big shocker from TMZ, which is that UFC fighter Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis might be into some pretty kinky, rough stuff when it comes to the bedroom. According to his now ex, it might be a bit too rough, though.

TMZ is reporting stuff like Davis “bodyslamming” his girlfriend onto a couch as well as choking her during sex and claiming that he’d kill her if she ever sought another man’s affections. His trainer seems to think that this is all just a ploy to gain custody of their child as they are going through a rather “nasty” custody battle, but no matter what, this would serve as a distraction for Davis who fights Vinny Magalhaes at UFC 159 this weekend.

It’s always a shame when a domestic dispute goes this far and hopefully they get this resolved soon.