Paulo Filho in Crazy Dispute with World Series of Fighting

The name Paulo Filho and the term “crazy” tend to go hand-in-hand. From the awesome story of him telling Chael Sonnen that they should go to the ground so that he could rest to, well, the face tattoo and everything in between the past few years have featured so much Paulo Filho insanity that hearing that there is more is almost a treat. Sure, it’s awful to see someone’s life just melt down in public view, but with Paulo Filho it almost feels like there is no point in feeling bad anymore.

He signed a contract with World Series of Fighting and fought Dave Branch in a lackluster affair after being difficult (no way!) leading up to the fight. Now he took a fight outside of WSoF and WSoF just seems perplexed over it. [source]

“Legally, he should not fight at any other event but us because he’s under a contract with us,” Abdel-Aziz told “If he needs to fight and support his family, he can do that, but he never asked for our permission. I never gave him permission to fight anywhere.

“We’re not going after him for fighting somewhere else. Paulo Filho fought for us and he was not focused. His management was the worst management I’ve ever worked with. He has two managers and they both were fighting each other. He was coming to New Jersey and he missed his flight two times, and he was very unprofessional. It was very hard for us to bring him to the United States.”