Paul Daley Even More Frustrated with Bellator’s Contracts Now

Sometimes I really feel for these fighters, as to make a living they really need to sign themselves over to contracts which end up being pretty crummy for them, but it is the only way for them to get by. That seems to be the case with Bellator contracts, as we’ve not only seen Eddie Alvarez and his public outrage over Bellator contracts, but Paul Daley as well. Daley’s troubles are well-documented, but he wants to fight outside of Bellator due to a pending legal matter involving a brawl in the UK that has prevented him from getting a work visa for the United States. He has had two fights outside of Bellator, but apparently they are becoming real sticklers on this matter, which is preventing him from making a living.

He took to his Facebook account to express his frustrations and we kind of feel for him.

Just got word Bellator have refused to allow me to fight yet another opponent!!! It’s becoming really frustrating that even though they are not my managers, they can approve my fights.

I’ve got great fights offered to keep me busy fighting and earning, and they seem to want to put a stop to this….all this while, having to pay for my OWN legal costs on a matter that influence my visa outcome…and my ability to fight for the promotion Its bullshit.

There’s a lot more too…with regards to other promoters having to PAY Bellator a “Booking fee” for using me on there shows?….


Hopefully this is all settled soon and Daley can get back to fighting.