Pat Healy Up In Smoke Fund


Pat Healy recently won a submission of the night bonus and fight of the night bonus for his performance against Jim Miller at UFC 159. After the event, Pat’s drug test came up positive for Marijuana metabolites. As a result of this positive test, Pat had to forfeit his bonus money of $130,000, plus a percentage of his purse, have his win changed to a no contest, and will be suspended . Some estimates put this fine at 80-90% of his pay for his fight. The question I ask of you, is this fair? To us, this is fucking bull shit and we need to do something about it.


Without making this a drug debate, (as Marijuana is legal in 2 states and approved medically in 18 states) let’s do the right thing here and take action. If you enjoyed Pat Healy’s performance let’s make a contribution to him.

Let’s get Pat a minimum of $13,000 back (or let’s get crazy and get him the $130,000 back). Share away. Help make a difference.

100% of the money raised will go directly to Pat Healy.

Contributions can be made anonymously.

Project can be found here:

This section is for all the people who helped fund Pat Healy:

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