Pat Barry not taking kickboxing as a joke, wants to be the best

I’m totally for watching Pat Barry climb his way through the kickboxing ranks of Glory. It will be fun. You know it, I know it. Pat Barry has the type of personality you can’t help but root for, and he’s a damn fun fighter too.

Now, heading into Glory 16, Pat Barry is no longer bound to the constraints of MMA. He never really was into the whole mixed part of mixed martial arts, so now he can get back to his roots and attempt to knock out the person in front of him without fear of a takedown.

“Even if you’re in an MMA match as a striker matched up against another striker, and you both agree ‘We’re not going to go to the ground,’ you can’t trust that. Whoever is standing across from you is untrustworthy all the time, no matter what. That’s what I believe.”

“One: You can expect that I’m not going to get submitted. That’s cool,” said Barry. “Two: I’m not a distance fighter. I have no intentions of going the distance, and I’m sure with all the finishes—all the knockouts and finishes that he has also—he’s got no intentions of going the distance.”

“If I win a fight by decision, I personally count that as a loss on my record. If a fight goes the distance and I win, I count that as a personal loss, because that’s not what I was supposed to do. I’m a finisher.”

“The goal is to be the best of all time. I’m not getting back into kickboxing because it’ll be fun for a few fights. I’m coming in specifically to walk through everybody, climb my way to the top and be the best.”

Interview from Bleacher report.