Pat Barry kicks down multiple doors to save a woman in distress

Look at that duckface up above. He’s a hero, this Pat Barry. While his MMA career may be over, his kickboxing career is just restarting, and what better way to promote his Glory debut than with him saving a damsel in distress?

Check it: Pat Barry gave the scoop to FOX Sports

“Really, I thought it was a cat, but I kept hearing it,” Barry told FOX Sports. “Opened the door and I could hear that it wasn’t a cat but a woman screaming help. I found the door and right before I went through it, I heard her say she was trapped in the bathroom. When I realized she wasn’t being murdered, I decided this isn’t a major threat so I called management first.”

“As usual, now that it’s over of course I think of cooler ways to do it,” Barry said. “If I could go back in time, I’d have used a spinning side kick!”

So Barry kicked down some doors and saved a woman trapped in a bathroom. #Hero