Pat Barry not done with combat sports, didn’t want to ‘wrestle’

Hey, if I were Pat Barry, someone who has struggled with the ground game for a very, very long time, I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to get taken down and getting beaten into oblivion either.

That said, maybe we will see Pat Barry back in a ring soon for a kickboxing promotion?

Pat released this statement:

“Over the past few fights I’ve just had this sinking feeling in my stomach whenever I have stepped into the Octagon and I realize, I DONT WANT TO WRESTLE,” said the fighter. “Not saying I will never do MMA again, but right now I just want to hit people. MMA and the UFC have been great to me and I will always support the company and the sport. I want to thank all my fans, sponsors and haters for being with me on this journey and I look forward to what future holds.”