Ouch – Graphic Video of Another MMA Leg Break

So I still maintain that one breaking their shin off of a leg check is a rare occurance in fighting because, well, it is. That being said, it does still happen and we in our internet age have access to just about everything that goes down worldwide in MMA. So Anderson Silva’s gruesome leg break against Chris Weidman was still really weird and flukey, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen. Here’s a video from Brazil where Marcos Souza throws a low kick at Cristian Goetz and, blerg.

If you’ll notice the kick was intended for the thigh, it seemed, and Goetz went for what looked like a normal check only for things to just magically line up and for Souza’s shin to make contact with his knee and snap. These things happen in MMA sometimes, especially at a lower level such as Favela Kombat 10 in Brazil. Still, ouch, you gotta feel for this guy because that is an awful, awful injury. Stay safe, MMA world.