One of the Jonas Brothers is Starring in an MMA Show

So DirecTV’s Audience network is trying to carve out a space for itself by pushing out more original programming, with one of those being a gritty, MMA-based drama that is starring Nick Jonas, best known to teenie-boppers around the world (is that still a thing? Am I old?) as one of the Jonas Brothers. If you are unaware, the Jonas Brothers are a trio of brothers who gained fame through their music as well as a television series on the Disney channel.

Nick Jonas will be appearing in “Kingdom,” a MMA-based show that is set to debut this fall. The rest of the cast is actually not that painful, which is a good thing. As for the show itself, well, watch for yourself and decide. Is it terrible? Is it painful? Has anyone really been able to do MMA in fiction justice? I’m pretty sure that someone just needs to make The Godslayer into a movie already, because it isn’t about comical MMA archetypes doing gritty things (shameless plug).