Oh snap, Miesha Tate beat Ronda Rousey in the EA UFC cover vote

I prefer to abstain from watching the heavily-edited TUF seasons, and just read the results (truth: sometimes I KNOW the results early, because I’m just a straight baller, y’all), but I have not been living my blessed life under a rock these last few months, I know that Ronda Rousey has acted a fool for the better part of 12 42-minute TUF episode, and her popularity has taken a hit in due to her rather… How should I put this? Bitchy attitude.

Now, Miesha Tate has scored the first true, non-exhibition victory over Ronda ever, as she’s knocked Ronda out of the running for a cover shot on EA UFC. Damn. I wonder how pissed Ronda is right now?