NSAC Votes to Ban Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

TRT has been on the tips of our tongues for quite a while now, a form of therapy that has been used to help men with testosterone problems to get their levels back to normal. For the average non-athlete the argument for using TRT if a doctor prescribes it is a very legitimate thing, as there are real reasons for people to need TRT. That being said, when it comes to sports and professional athletes the whole thing is a whole lot muddier.

After a recent ESPN article pointing at MMA (the UFC specifically) having the highest number of TRT users the NSAC seemed to take swift action by bringing the possible ban into a meeting and indeed it was banned. This means that all past and possible future TRT users are no longer able to apply for therapeutic use exemptions in combat sports. The biggest immediate impact that we’ll see is in the upcoming UFC Middleweight Championship bout between Chris Weidman and TRT poster boy Vitor Belfort.

Dana White seems overjoyed.