NSAC Reveals List of Contenders For Keith Kizer’s Job

The departure of Keith Kizer from the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission) means that they need someone to fill his role. A list of top candidates was released by the NSAC and the list of contenders isn’t exactly shocking if you follow the wild and wacky world of athletic commissions, it also doesn’t include Roy Nelson. So who are the men in the running;

  • Robert Sean Bennett: Current Nevada boxing judge and a former FBI special agent.
  • Eric Bentley: Assistant director of the New York State Athletic Commission.
  • Aaron M Davis: Commissioner of the New Jersey State Athletic Control Board.
  • Christopher Eccles: Serves as deputy attorney general for the Nevada commission.
  • Andrew Foster: Executive officer of the California State Athletic Commission, the equivalent job there as what he would do in Nevada.
  • Craig Hubble: A lawyer in California and vice president of the regional NABF sanctioning organization.
  • Michael Martino: An inspector for the Nevada commission. Has been with the commission since 1981. Also the former interim executive director of USA Boxing.
  • Jeffrey C. Mullen: Executive director of the Tennessee commission.
  • Joseph W. Nady: A Nevada commission inspector (who happens to be the brother of veteran Nevada referee Jay Nady).
  • Mark Smith: An MMA judge for the Nevada commission. Also a former White House fellow and current commercial airline pilot.

It looks like they are looking for someone with prior experience to running an athletic commission, which sounds like a good thing, but probably isn’t considering how poorly most of those are run. [source]