NSAC Considering Possible Fines for Jon Jones/DC Brawl

The Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier brawl today in Las Vegas was, well, interesting, to say the least. Daniel Cormier cried headbutt as the reason for his shove and Jones cried shove as the reason to come at him fists a’fyin’, but either way, it happened and it was probably the biggest single moment for the UFC this summer. Of course, it was wildly inappropriate for a sport such as MMA and the NSAC is considering taking action against both guys. [source]

“It’s too premature for us to comment, considering we were not there,” NSAC chair Francisco Aguilar wrote in an email to MMAjunkie. “Upon review of the video and follow up questions, we can make an assessment.”

It’s also interesting to note that their behavior goes against the UFC’s code of conduct, which we’ve seen used to fire Jason High recently for placing his hands on an official. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier went pretty ballistic this afternoon and a lot more people were affected. Then again, this is good for business.