Now Vitor Belfort Claims He Fought Dan Henderson With Low Testosterone Levels

Vitor Belfort should just stop already. There is no reason for Vitor Belfort to be talking so much about his testosterone levels especially when it causes such a media fervor and makes the aging fighter look worse and worse. Vitor Belfort is not the first fighter in the UFC to see success thanks to using testosterone replacement therapy, but he has become the posterboy for testosterone usage in the past year or so as he simply can’t stop talking about it.

For example, most people either don’t know or don’t care that Randy Couture was using the controversial testosterone replacement therapy treatments years ago, when he was involved in some of the biggest fights of his career. At the time it was new and even less understood than it is now, but it was completely legal and without much regulation. Why wasn’t that a huge media story for years? Because he didn’t talk about it nonstop. Vitor Befort needs to learn to stop.

The latest in the Vitor Belfort TRT saga is that he’s claiming that he had low testosterone when he fought Dan Henderson. [link]

“My (testosterone) levels were low in my last fight,” Belfort told during a media scrum in his gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I have all the exams to prove that I have a disease. It’s simple.”