Nick Diaz talks about wanting to come out of retirement… Again.

Damn you, Nick Diaz. Why can’t you just make up your mind? How many times have you retired already, Nick? Two times, three? Of course you’ll come back, because hopefully Dana White realizes that you’re one of the most exciting fighters in history and pays you like you want, and gives you the big fights you want too.

Fighters Only did a brief, but good interview with the former Strikeforce champ, Nick Diaz. Read here, and click the link to read more:

“They are talking about there’s nobody to fight him after this. I’ll make a joke out of that real quick – I think there’s nobody on my level really. I don’t want to name names but that’s how I feel. So I feel like if the fans want to see me fight…” says Diaz, trailing off without mentioning a title fight directly.

“I don’t see that being a really big fight like this one fight I’m thinking I could have at welterweight,” he says, again hovering around the topic of a rematch with St. Pierre without actually calling the champion out.

“And [Bisping’s] been getting knocked out a bunch lately so I’m like, lets wait until I start getting knocked out too. I can’t afford to be getting knocked out [at middleweight] right now. Lets wait until my late 30s or something! [laughs].”

“Well we could negotiate. I am a pretty big draw. So we would have to negotiate a pretty decent amount of pay and a pretty decent amount from the pay-per-view. I’m talking like three to five dollars [per PPV unit sold] the same as these other important fighters are getting, because I am out there putting on a show,” he says.

“Some of those guys are making way more money than what my contract is worth. I’m not making a fraction of it. And I don’t want you to think I am just regurgitating some [rumors] here. I understand what I understand, I hear what I hear.

“I’ve had some time off from fighting and some free time to finally start looking at things like this and thinking about it. Its a bit easier for me to learn what’s what now.”